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Cover design enhances a book's appeal and communicates its a potential to readers. We offer cover design as part of book design packages and separately. Here are some of our many successful designs.

The Last Aria

"Perfection!" Elizabeth Podsiadlo


Leadership - The Heart Matters

"Wow - you are too fab for words!!" Laurie Hinzman


Talking Pictures

"You are amazing!" Elizabeth Podsiadlo


Maverick's Earth and Universe 

"This is a spectacular cover. Nicely done!"
Trafford Publishing

Best Ideas

Raymond Carrier, President,
Communities in Bloom

Finalist for American Horticultural Society
national book award.


My Conversations with a WW-II
Corsair Fighter Pilot

"This is great!" Kelle Metz






Elfin Forest Community Guide

Nightsongs from Paradise

"It's perfect." Peter Van Osdol

Songs of Deliverance



Wellsprings of
the Holy Quest

   Songs from the 
House of Pilgrimage


Rediscovering the Angels

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