Caladiums are my new favorite foliage for bouquets. You can use the leaves by themselves - gorgeous. Or mix them with other foliage and flowers, even succulents. Caladiums come in a wide variety of colors, but in 2012, I only grew Sweetheart, from Classic Caladiums. It is a magnificent as a houseplant or outdoors and the cut leaves last for weeks.

What could be easier than laying leaves and flowers in a bowl? These are amarcrinum lilies and Pennisetum 'Fireworks'.

This vase features caladium foliage in the water as well as in the bouquet. The foliage is complemented by 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' rose, 'Angel Earrings' fuchsia, and gomphocarpus physocarpus.

'Marilyn Monroe', 'Lagerfeld', and 'Iceberg' roses complement the pink ruspolia flowers. Coprosma foliage is also used. 

This bouquet uses 'Fame' and 'Century Two' roses, along with Pennisetum 'Fireworks' and pink Mandevilla.

Here's another simple arrangement with Pennisetum 'Fireworks', caladium leaves, and pink Mandevilla, complemented by a passion fruit.

This bouquet uses pink ruspolia, stephanotis, 'Century Two', 'Fame', and 'Just Joey' roses. Aren't the caladium leaves perfect!

What a simple composition. Just monstera leaves, caldiums, and a few aeonium arborescens. This arrangement will last at least three weeks.
Corsage? Table decor? Something to put on a gift box? A simple 'Fame' rose, caladium leaf, and wire vine make a statement.

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