Fleurs du Jour Book Series

Everyday flowers for your home...every day

Ever since our garden was selected as a finalist for Best Garden in America by Good Morning America, people have been encouraging me to write a book about my garden. You've probably seen some of it in the pages of many magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens and many of their special interest publications.

Rather than writing just about the garden, I wanted to create something that would bring you real joy and inspire you to grow lots of flowers in your own garden. So my 2013 new year's resolution was to make a bouquet each day using only materials I could find in my garden.

The result is four volumes - each covering three months of bouquets, along with tips for arranging, growing, and resources for plants and other needs. These books make great gifts!

Each volume is $18.00.

Click each link below to order:

Winter https://www.createspace.com/4613069

Spring https://www.createspace.com/4616298



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Fleurs du Jour - Autumn Sample Pages

Prints of all images in the series are available in various sizes. Contact me for pricing.

What readers say:

Katy Moss Warner, President Emeritus of the American Horticultural Society: "Evelyn Alemanni is a creative and talented designer as well as an excellent photographer. What a brilliant idea to showcase the beauty one can bring indoors from the array of plants in the garden. From elaborate, big arrangements to sweet, small bouquets, there are ideas for each day of the year. Evelyn has combined her passion for gardening, flower arranging and photography into a beautiful and useful book series."

Jim Sutton, Display Designer, Longwood Gardens: "This book series is an inspiration to aspiring floral designers and gardeners alike. Evelyn Alemanni has created a daily feast for the eyes with simple to sensational designs all created from material grown in her own garden. Her use of color, texture and rhythm are beautifully captured by her wonderfully composed photographs. Evelyn has demonstrated herself an accomplished horticulturist and designer in four volumes to be treasured."

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