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Contact us for graphic design as well as writing for marketing materials including proposals, brochures, direct mail pieces, press releases, newsletters, even postcards.









 Page from a capabilities brochure.


                                                                        Tri-fold direct mail piece.


  Product brochure.


 Page from a firewise brochure.  


   Postcard for Quail Botanical Gardens.

Dear Evelyn,

The Save the Date Card for the QBG Gala just arrived, and it looks great!  The whole thing sings. Thank you Evelyn for your beautiful design.  

Looking forward to the next project on our agenda.

Becky Cohen



 Annual Report for America in Bloom

(In collaboration with ZMI.) 

The report is colorful, informative, and clean as it communicates precisely what AIB is all about. Our thanks to Evelyn for pulling all of this together and pushing us toward the finish line.

I would venture to say that this will turn out to be one of the most effective pieces that we have produced in generating measurable results. It can be used in so many venues, from shoring up continued support within our current support base, to bringing folks back in who have dropped out for some reason, to obviously attracting new supporters from within and without the industry.

Ron Pierre

AIB Board Member









Click here to download the report.

Presentation folder (outside)





Postcard for a garden festival.

   Ads for Landscape Architecture magazine.


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