Product Documentation....

Control and Dynamics Systems - Concurrent Engineering Techniques and Applications

Academic Press, 1994



Your investment in excellent product documentation can pay big dividends in improved customer satisfaction, decreased product support costs, and improved perception of your company.

We have created product documentation for technologies including ATM machines, point of sale terminals, wide format inkjet printers, satellite TV receivers, heart valves, dental implants, air pollution monitoring instrumentation, automation equipment, optical  comparators, computer graphics hardware and software, and much more.

While working on product documentation for companies on four continents, it became apparent to us that they all face the same dilemma: product documentation generally does not get the same attention as product development. We developed a book about how to solve the problem.

Techniques in Technical Documentation was written as a separate book and then included as a chapter in Control and Dynamics Systems - Concurrent Engineering Techniques and Applications, which is now out of print.  It provides project managers, engineering managers, marketing and technical communications professionals a roadmap for planning and integrating technical documentation into the product development effort.

While technologies have changed, planning and implementation requirements remain the same.

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation regarding your product documentation needs. When you call, ask us to bring you a free copy of Techniques in Technical Documentation.

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