Technical Publications

Author, "Technical Communication for the 21st Century," NCGA '86, 5/86.

Author, "Ergonomics in Technical Manuals," NCGA '85, 5/85.

Author, "Alternatives for Training in Computer Graphics," NCGA '84, 5/84.

Author, "Training for High Technology," ASTD National Conference, 6/83.

Coauthor, "Restoration of the California Building," Balboa Park,

Proceedings of the International Conference on Preservation Technology, 7/82.

Author, "Electronic Control of Gas Turbines," Diesel and Gas Turbines Worldwide, 7/81.

Author, "Evaluation of Handler Designs," Electronic Test, 11/78.

Coauthor, "Microprocessor Applications in Temperature Controllers," ATE Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, 6/78.

Author, "Application of Microprocessors in High Speed Handlers," Proceedings of the ATE Symposium, 1/78. 


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